Submission Guidelines and Character Bio

All stories will be written in first person and will be about the same woman. They are YOUR (the
author's) experiences, fiction or non, but the author WILL be a character in the story. The focus of
the story will be this woman, your reaction to either knowing her, or to the circumstances that arise
due to your meeting. Show us the impact that this woman has on you, the author. You may merely
have a casual encounter with her, or know her intimately; know her for minutes or for years. During
your story she should be between the ages of 5 and 35. You need not explicitly state her age unless
you want to do so.

Submissions should be sent to Submissions@KamikazeWoman.com in the following format:
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Since this is a shared universe, be aware that if your work is picked for inclusion, some changes
will likely be required. Small changes will be made on your behalf by the editors, larger revisions
will be turned back to the author with instructions on what is needed. This being done merely to
maintain the internal continuity of this project.

Name: Sofia Cillo (so FEE ah/ ch EEL oh) Date of birth: May 1, 1977

Sofia is a Navy brat, who moved from place to place as a child. An only child, she was never able to
fully connect with her peers or “make roots.” Her father (a Sicilian-American) and mother (a
Brazilian-American) were both in the Navy in her youth. Both parents were Naval Police. Her father
was severely strict, and emotionally distant. He was verbally abusive, not physically. Sofia will lie
about this fact, and claim her abuse (horrible though it was) was in fact worse. Her mother will
continually deny the abuse, partially due to Sofia's embellishments, but mainly due to her own case
of denial. Her mother is loving, but emotionally unstable as well. Her mother is a practicing
Catholic, while the father has no faith.

Sofia started drinking and smoking pot in her early teens. She became adept at finding new
suppliers with each move. She had a few painful romances, and became more and more
promiscuous partially to feel some connection to the guys and/or girls that she liked. By her
twenties she was partying more and growing more unstable. This was about this time that she
started using cocaine.

Sofia's parents insisted that she go to college. Sofia was intelligent enough to test well, and was
accepted into a university. But her lack of self-discipline made it impossible for her to finish her
degree. In her sophomore year she was failing all of her classes due to her heavy partying, so she
dropped out. Sofia then moved to Baltimore on her own, against the strong objections of her

Shortly after moving to Baltimore, she got a tattoo of a ballerina or her right shoulder blade. The
ballerina wears a pink tutu, and is about four inches in height.

Sofia stopped doing coke by the age of thirty. Her drugs of choice in her thirties became weed,
pain-killers, anti-anxiety medicine, and lots of alcohol.

Sofia has straight black hair, and big brown eyes. She is short, 5'2” and curvy. She was never very
thin, but is slightly overweight by the time she's in her thirties. She has large natural breasts and a
nice sized ass. She is slightly tanned.

She is a spitfire... promiscuous, impulsive, manipulative, desperate for attention, and self
destructive. She is manic-depressive and a night might be full of great fun and high times, or a
disaster where she tries to fight everyone, possibly even those close to her. Sofia can be physically
violent, damaging or breaking anything that she feels like. She will fight with or without a reason,
and she will often fight dirty.

She is intelligent, but poorly educated. She has ADD. Her lack of concentration makes it difficult for
her to even sit through a movie. She is an eternal dabbler. She earns her living by taking on light
secretarial jobs, bar-tending and/or stripping. She can never seem to hold on to a job. When she is
dancing, it will be at the seediest hole in the wall in town. She would never admit to her parents
about stripping, and will tell most people who ask that she's an artist. She has some passion for art
but no real talent. She focuses her artistic desires on crap collages, crap paintings and found art.
Her “greatest” work being a rusty tin can with a sunflower painted on one side and a tampon hot
glued to the other.

She continues to search for the person who will save her, but lack the emotional maturity needed
for a healthy relationship. She can be sweet, but more often then not is a childish bitch. She longs
to be loved, but can't love herself or anybody else. Men fall for her but most will not stay with her
long due to her destructive ways.

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